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完整的模拟主持稿件 篇1模拟主持稿件3分钟 篇2模拟主持稿件3分钟 篇3完整的模拟主持稿件 篇4运动会接力赛通讯稿件 篇5模拟主持稿件3分钟 篇6完整的模拟主持稿件 篇7

完整的模拟主持稿件 篇1


Generally, the news broadcast is a section of test questions, which is a news release and a topic. Then you are separated in a room and have 3-5 minutes to prepare. Remember to bring a dictionary. If there are unknown words, the news broadcast should be smooth and complete. Just read it. The topic is to look at the camera and say it. Generally, a good news release is almost over.


(1) Literary manuscript


Here is the east where the sun loves, where the Yangtze River is bred and hopes to thrive;


This is the place where the sea breeze wakes up, where the seeds germinate and the thoughts are suddenly enlightened;


Looking back three years, remember the joys and sorrows of struggle, but do not indulge in the cheers of success. Wave your hand without taking away a cloud.


Laugh at three years of love, hold the common ideal, but do not indulge in remote fantasy. Shake hands, the future is in our own hands.


This is our young East, which is full of infinite power.


(2) News release


Our news: On September 3, a gold shop in Jianyang City, Fujian Province suddenly appeared mysterious, and more than 200000 yuan of precious jewelry disappeared. The police dived into the stinking ditch along the narrow tunnel and dug 134 woven bags containing waste soil, hoes and other crime tools. All kinds of signs pieced together a long planned theft plan: a thin person dug a 32 meter tunnel two meters from the road surface to enter the gold store to steal.


On November 24, Jianyang police disclosed that the two suspect in this case had been captured on September 11 and 12, respectively, and the stolen goods of more than 200000 yuan were still 20000 yuan short of recovery. The two suspects also told about another case of stealing gold stores by digging tunnels in Wuyishan City. What is more surprising is that one of the suspect was once a teacher of a middle school in Fujian Province and was rated as an excellent teacher for three consecutive years.


4. Improvised comment: comment according to the content of the designated news release. (3 minutes)


5. Simulation host: See Yizhiwei (3 minutes)


6. Please make up a story with the theme of "cottage, mobile phone, teacher, clothes, textbooks, street lamps, cameras" (3 minutes)


7. Interview (asked by judges and teachers)


8. Talent show

模拟主持稿件3分钟 篇2


Dear teachers and students


Good morning, everyone! The theme of our speech today is to study hard and seize the day.


Youth is a ship fighting against wind and waves. Knowledge is the power of the ship of youth and never fails. In the flower season, we should seize the time, persevere, study hard and seize the day.


Working hard for our ideals and striving for the future, our ancestors have set an example for us.


Because of his efforts, Andersen became a fairy prince from the son of a shoemaker; Thanks to efforts, Roman Roland's twenty years of hard work condensed into John Christopher; Because of his efforts, Balzac left mankind with a valuable literary heritage, The Comedy of the World; It was also because of his efforts that Edison made more than a thousand great scientific inventions; Einstein was able to create a theory of relativity that shocked the world; The ancient sages and philosophers left us a beautiful talk for thousands of years.


Einstein once said: "Between genius and diligence, I do not hesitate to choose diligence"; Carlisle inspires us even more: "Genius is the endless ability to work hard".


It is our ambition that the waves of the Yangtze River push the waves of the past; It is our pride to be strong when you are strong. Let us in the learning stage, like Edison and Balzac, work hard and pursue unremittingly. Only in this way can we accumulate knowledge bit by bit on the way of learning, and can we treasure every inch of the scenery on the journey of life; Only in this way can we realize our ideals and let life radiate brilliant light.


However, striving for progress is not just a matter of one day, but also a matter of perseverance.


Li Dazhao, the founder of the CPC, once said, "I think the most valuable thing in the world is the present, and the most easily lost thing is the present. It is precisely because it is the most easily lost, so I think it is more valuable." Yes, yesterday has passed, tomorrow has not yet arrived, and all we can do is to grasp today.


Benjamin, a famous educator, once received a call from a young man asking for advice and agreed on a time and place to meet. When the young man arrived as promised, he was surprised by what he saw. The room of the great educator was in a mess. Before the young man spoke, Benjamin said, "Look at my room. It's too untidy. Please wait outside for a minute. I'll tidy it up and you can come in again." With these words, he closed the door. A minute later, Benjamin opened the door again and enthusiastically let the young man into the living room. At this time, the young people's eyes showed another picture - everything in the room had become orderly. However, Benjamin said politely, "OK, you can go now." The young man was stunned, embarrassed and regretful, and said, "But I haven't asked you for advice yet." "Isn't that enough?" Benjamin looked at his room and said with a smile, "You've been in for a minute." "One minute? One minute," the young man said thoughtfully, "Oh, I see. You have taught me the profound truth that one minute can do many things and change many things." After thanking Benjamin, the young man left happily.


The story is simple but thought-provoking. As the story says, "In one minute, we can lose a lot of things, and in one minute, we can accomplish a lot of things." A minute seems insignificant, but our life is made up of one minute at a time. The present minute will soon become the past, and the future minute will soon become the present. So students, to cherish time, we must start from cherishing your every minute, and start from now on. Only by grasping every minute of your life can you embark on the road to success and climb to the top of your ideal. Reach the other side of success.


"When we were young, we didn't know that the world was difficult". Because our living environment was too comfortable, some students went to the wrong area of life: put aside study, freely compare, indulge in fantasy, and linger. Who knows that time is the fastest and slowest, the longest and shortest, the most ordinary and most precious, the most easily ignored and the most easily regretted in the world. At all times and in all countries, all those who have made outstanding contributions to mankind started from grasping today. Only those who lack will and have no ambition think that today's things have not been completed and can continue tomorrow; Only such people can live a life of mediocrity and accomplish nothing.

同学们,我们在新中这个知识王国里,沐浴着时代的阳光雨露,享受着历史上一流的学习环境,享用着历史上一流的教学设施,我们没有任何理由抛开学习而恣意攀比,没有任何理由沉迷幻想而徘徊不前。 伟大的祖国日益强盛,几代人的目光落在了我们的身上。要想振兴有着五千年悠久历史的中华民族,捧起一轮炽热夺目的东方红日,努力学习,只争朝夕,是我们义不容辞的责任。努力学习,只争朝夕,清晨的港湾,千帆竞发;努力学习,只争朝夕,人生的战舰,乘风破浪;努力学习,只争朝夕,胜利的凯歌,威武雄壮!

Students, in the knowledge kingdom of Xinzhong, we are bathed in the sunshine and rain of the times, enjoying the first-class learning environment in history, enjoying the first-class teaching facilities in history. There is no reason for us to abandon our studies and arbitrarily compare, and there is no reason for us to indulge in fantasy and linger. The great motherland is becoming stronger and stronger, and the eyes of generations fall on us. In order to revitalize the Chinese nation with a long history of five thousand years, it is our unshirkable responsibility to hold a round of red sun in the East, study hard and seize the day. Work hard and seize the day. The harbor in the morning is full of sails; Study hard, seize the day, the battleship of life, brave the wind and waves; Study hard and seize the day. The victory is magnificent!

模拟主持稿件3分钟 篇3


A: We are young eagles, spreading our wings!


B: We are stars, flashing!


C: Students, Young Pioneers


Together: The red scarf broadcast is now on.

甲:我是主持人 。

A: I'm the host.

乙:我是主持人 。

B: I'm the host.

丙:我是主持人 。

C: I'm the host.


A: Today, our fifth (fifth) squadron will carry out this broadcast. I hope you can enjoy it.


B: The theme of this broadcast is "Civilized Etiquette Accompanies Us"


A: It is often said that "words are the voice of the heart and deeds are the expression of the heart". Being civilized and understanding etiquette is an expression of respect for the other party. It is also an important means to show self cultivation and quality and establish a "self" image.


B: The result of etiquette is to respect oneself.


C: The school uses radio and blackboard newspaper to publicize etiquette norms, and hopes that students can start from me and everyone should be civilized and polite, so as to form an atmosphere of "honor etiquette and respect civilization" in the campus.


A: I read a short story recently: "Cheng Men Lixue" said that Yang Shi and You Zuo, scholars of the Song Dynasty, asked Cheng Hao and Cheng Yi for advice. Yang Shi and You Zuo used to take Cheng Hao as their teacher. After Cheng Hao died, they were both 40 years old and had passed the imperial examinations. However, they still had to go to find Cheng Yi to continue their studies. The story happened on the day when they first came to Songyang Academy to visit Cheng Yi.


It is said that one day Yang Shi and You Zuo came to Songyang Academy to pay a visit to Cheng Yi, but they met Mr. Cheng, who was sitting in a fake sleep with his eyes closed. At this time, it began to snow outside. The two men were eager to learn, so they stood by respectfully. After waiting for a long time, Cheng Yicai slowly opened his eyes and saw Yang Shi and You Zuo standing in front of him. He was surprised and said, "Ah, ah! Are they still here?" At this time, the snow outside the door had accumulated more than a foot thick, and Yang Shi and You Soro did not show any signs of fatigue and impatience.


B: This story, called "Cheng Men Lixue", was widely spread among scholars in the Song Dynasty. Later, people often use the idiom "Cheng Men Li Xue" to express that students respect teachers and have a strong desire to learn.


C: It's only ancient. There are many modern stories. China is a country of etiquette. Our parents and teachers taught us that we should learn civilized etiquette from an early age and strive to be a new man with four virtues. Recently, I saw the book "Civilized Etiquette Education Reader". Before, I had always been an ignorant child. After reading this book, I felt like a different person. I learned a lot from the sea of books, which made me firm in my belief, clear in my learning direction and goal. First of all, I want to respect the old and love the young. Respecting the old and caring for the young is a traditional virtue of our Chinese nation. We respect the elders, show filial piety to the elderly, and care for people who are weaker than ourselves, even flowers and plants on the roadside. Take the initiative to help parents do some housework within their power at home.


A: We should remember Mencius' words, "Those who love others will always love them, and those who respect others will always respect them. The old and the old, the young and the young." First of all, we should respect our teachers. This is not just a salute to the teacher and a "good morning". Instead, we should listen carefully in class, actively use our brains, and not make small moves or wander. After class, we should earnestly and timely complete the homework assigned by the teacher, and strive to do it quickly and well. Treat each test correctly, cherish the fruits of teachers' labor each time, and repay teachers with excellent results and good performance. Thirdly, when students get along with each other, we should unite and help each other. In a good learning environment and a harmonious learning atmosphere, learn from others' advantages, learn from each other's strengths, and strive for common progress. Finally, we should stress health and morality. Whether it's personal hygiene or collective environment


B: Well said! I have a Song of Civilization and Etiquette here. Let's share it:


Learn to be a man and be polite. People in the "state of etiquette" know it.


Be polite, respect each other, and be polite to others.


"Hello", "Thank you" and "Sorry". Civilized language is reasonable.


Sit, stand and walk with dignity and civilized manners.


Take a bath often, change clothes frequently, be civilized and have good manners.


Students, neighbors and national habits should be respected.


When meeting foreign guests, be generous and courteous.


Honor etiquette, stress etiquette, and pave the way for social life.


C: Just now we talked about social civilization. In fact, as primary school students, we should have a higher campus civilization. The creation of campus civilization depends on each and every one of us, and it will benefit people all their lives to form good habits from childhood. Let's ask ourselves how did you do in school study and activities?


A: Did you take the initiative to say hello to the teacher? For our healthy growth, teachers are working hard. Respect the teacher, let's start with a kind greeting.


B: Are you chasing and making noise in the corridor? The quiet teaching building is where we study. Less chasing and fighting, more polite. High quality students, walk gently on the right. We should use civilized behavior to create convenience for others.


C: Do you litter everywhere? It has almost become a common and persistent disease of the society to throw garbage everywhere. It is everyone's responsibility to protect the environment and pay attention to health. We should start from protecting the campus environment, starting from ourselves, starting from small things, and jointly create our beautiful home.


A: Have you returned to your position after you finished? Good habits are formed early. Put the things you have used back to the original place, which is convenient for you and others. At the same time, it saves you and others the trouble of looking for things and the time of cleaning and sorting things.


B: Are you lazy when you are on duty? Every student is the master of the school. Everyone is responsible for protecting the campus environment. We should use our hands to create a clean and tidy campus environment. In the morning, the classroom and playground are full of busy students, who are using our labor to create a clean, tidy and beautiful campus environment.


Campus beauty》

C: Now let's enjoy the song "Campus Beauty"


Campus beauty

教学楼,真热闹。 杨柳青青花儿俏。

The teaching building is really lively. The willows are green and the flowers are beautiful.

同学们,蹦又跳。 讲文明,懂礼貌。

Students, jump and jump. Be civilized and polite.

见老师,问声好。 见同学,问声早。

Say hello to your teacher. When I see my classmates, I ask them early.

爱环境,出新招。 有垃圾,专人管。

Love the environment and come up with new ideas. Garbage shall be managed by special personnel.

见废纸,弯腰捡。 护环境,人有责。

When you see waste paper, bend down to pick it up. People are responsible for protecting the environment.


Campus beauty,齐欢笑。


A: In a civilized campus, there are your hurried steps, the fruits of your labor, and your wonderful moments.


B: Teachers and students, this is the end of today's broadcast. See you next week


End music - Morning on Campus

完整的模拟主持稿件 篇4


1. Theme discussion: talk about the cancellation of CCTV's "Tell the truth" program (1 minute)

2、自我介绍(1分钟) 自备稿件(3分钟)

2. Self introduction (1 minute) Self prepared manuscript (3 minutes)


3. Assign Section


(1) Literary manuscript


The river goes east, the waves are gone, the heroes of the ages.


To the west of the old fort, the humanity is the Red Cliff of Zhou Lang in the Three Kingdoms.


Rip rocks pierce the air, waves beat the shore, and thousands of piles of snow rolled up.


The landscape is picturesque. How many heroes at that time!


When Gongjin was married, Xiao Qiao was very handsome.


Feather fans and silk scarves, while talking and laughing, the masts and oars are in smoke.


My hometown is full of emotions. I should be laughed at for my sentimentality.


Life is like a dream. One of them sprinkles Jiang Yue.


(2) News release


Xinhua News Agency: In order to change the situation of serious motor vehicle pollution emissions in Shanghai as soon as possible and make the living environment of citizens cleaner, from today on, Shanghai will implement the "National Four Standards" for all light gasoline vehicles, as well as public transport, sanitation and postal vehicles, in advance when registering new cars.


The "national four standards" are the national fourth stage motor vehicle emission standards, equivalent to the European "European IV standards". After the implementation of the national four standards in Shanghai, the pollutants of light gasoline vehicles can be reduced by about 50% on the basis of the national three standards, and the emissions of public transport, environmental sanitation and postal vehicles can be reduced by about 30%. The environmental benefits of pollution reduction are expected to be gradually reflected.

4、即兴评述: 怎么看待90后炫富的现象?(3分钟)

4. Improvised comments: How do you view the phenomenon of the post-90s showing off their wealth? (3 minutes)

5、模拟主持: 请以新闻消息稿件模拟主持一档有关环保的栏目(3分钟)

5. Simulated host: please simulate a column on environmental protection with news articles (3 minutes)


6. Please make up a story under the title of "Candle, Principal, TV, Blackboard, Air Conditioner, Business Birthday" (3 minutes)


7. Interview (asked by judges and teachers)


8. Talent show

运动会接力赛通讯稿件 篇5


There are your steps on the playground, which is the expression of hard work. You are like the clouds in the sky, with colorful colors. The galloping steed and the galloping pace make your victory wait ahead. Bless and cheer for you!


One day, I wake up beside my dream; Between the fingers, the light is special; I can see that the light is changing into colorful fables, flying to the starting point of dreams. One day, running between runways; Between the cheeks, sweat constantly flows out; I can feel that you are changing, becoming a strong person in life, and running to the edge of success!


Although, the sky is overcast, although, some faint chill. However, everyone heads forward, everyone is in high spirits, and everyone rushes towards the end and victory! Athletes, you are our pride. We cheer for you and cheer for you!


You are a brilliant pearl on the sports throne, and you are a young eagle flying in the blue sky. Don't be afraid of failure, don't be afraid of being left out, no matter when, we are proud of you.


This is the test of time and perseverance. Although the future is vast, as long as we work hard, we will always reach the other side of success. Athletes, don't be discouraged because of the vast future, and don't give up because the results are not ideal. In the boundless, victory will always belong to you.


You have not forgotten to fly the shining youth, you have not forgotten to gallop in the direction of victory, gallop in the same fashion, and do not give up easily, because we have sworn for youth - popular all over the world!


You are a meteor on the runway, burning yourself and shedding light. You may not see success waving like you, but you have fought hard, believe in yourself, and the strength is in your heart. Free and easy your passion in the wind and rain, release your hope in the sun. Without your past, only grasp the present, without your tomorrow, only the road ahead. The past has passed away. You should understand that today is the real you. Use your truth and all you have to show your hope.


Drips of sweat, floating on the green field, accompanied by vigorous steps, played the music of hope. A variety of beliefs, on the blue sky, with your deep eyes, draw a beautiful arc. How many beats can there be in life? Thousands of eyes watched you, running out of the dream of youth for hope and victory.


The heavy shot put places your hope. At the moment of throwing hard, a shining arc breaks the beautiful sky, hoping to move forward and move forward again!


Looking at the red finish line in the distance, it is the road paved with sweat and the mountain piled with tears. The usual efforts and fighting are just for this moment, so you use all your strength to rush to the red line that determines your destiny. You win, and the cheers and praises of your classmates come to your ears.


What is brilliance? When life is most helpless, it bursts out with the most powerful force. What is brilliance? Still moving forward under great physical strength. What is brilliance? Use all your strength to create a new one. Records. What is brilliance? Striving is brilliance, and hard work is brilliance. What is brilliance? The athletes are brilliant! Why? Because they have worked hard, struggled and paid!


Although there are no dazzling flowers in front of you and no applause for you around your ears, you have no regrets and silent dedication for the happiness of teachers and students. All judges and teachers, tell you how hard it is! thank you!


Gently raise your head, do not need any words, let confidence ripple on your face, do not worry about failure, just tell yourself that I have tried, and I have no regrets


Life is like a dream, full of fantasy and desire. Life is a river. With faith as the sail, life is like a car. You can take the golden dream to reach the other side of the ideal. Life is like this. It's like a competition. Only with faith can we succeed.


For the last moment, you sweat a lot. For the last moment, you sacrifice a lot of spare time. For the last moment, you gave up your favorite table tennis. For the last moment we look forward to, you made countless efforts. You are our pride and pride.


Have you heard it? Sunshine always comes after rain, please believe that there is a rainbow. Perhaps, you did not achieve the expected results; Perhaps, you are crying silently at the moment. Raise your eyes, and you will see that what is in front of you is full of expectation and encouragement!


Whether successful or not, we will always praise you. You will always be our pride. The 54 ring track has been persisting one circle after another. Perseverance and spirit are active in the venue. Wet clothes, sweats, unlimited pursuit, and struggling to catch up. We cheer and jump for you, and we are proud of you.


In life, we try every day. In the process of trying, we move towards success, taste failure, walk through the rain and clear sky of the soul. Athletes, don't give up trying. If you succeed, this is the power of the next attempt. If you fail, summarize experience, learn from teaching and continue to work hard.


Whether you fail or not, the important thing is that you have the courage to participate. Behind your efforts is victory. Whether you succeed or not, we will always praise you. You will always be our proud efforts, athletes.


Your roar shocked us and touched our heartstrings. Let's play this exciting passion together. Let's light a warm lamp for the collective and our hearts. 4 * 100 is a burst of endless power, a warm home, and a demonstration of solidarity and friendship.


Four perfect arcs are connected by a small stick. This is the perfection of life, this is the limit of sports.


Don't ask why we cooperate so tactfully. Don't ask why we are so closely united. Because we are brothers and sisters, sportsmen!


This is a common stick. The contrast between red and white depicts their justice and fortitude. It is in the hands of you, our relay athletes. The cold turns into enthusiasm, and firmness dissolves into softness. Today we hold it and run on the field. Tomorrow we will step on the Olympic journey together with it.

模拟主持稿件3分钟 篇6


For example, children: Hello, children, I'm your devoted brother


Legal system: welcome to today's 《.. 》 That's all for today's program. Thank you for watching Goodbye


Be sure to say the beginning and end well


Wait, watch more TV


Ha ha~I'm professional


She is a student of Sichuan Normal University


What about the simulated host! Entertainment simulation host draft, how can we do when Mom Liu's condition worsens and she lies in the ICU! The entertainment simulation host draft is critical. Liu Yan, who is here, once went back to Hunan alone. The attending doctor found a matching kidney for transplantation. Liu Yan of Ruifeng Entertainment City grabbed the straws to save her life. Despite the dissuasion of her family members, the real person Baccarat insisted on donating a kidney to rescue her mother. However, the matching did not succeed in the end, but Liu's mother also survived the most difficult pass, Aobo 999, and the spread of cancer cells was effectively controlled. The backup website of Crown has now passed the safety period smoothly, which makes Liu Yan, who has been worried about his mother's health, relieved.


I have been learning "impromptu comment" and "simulated host" from my sister these days


You can divide the entertainment simulation host script into several types of programs "entertainment, legal system, children, food, tourism..." (depending on the topic)


Chen Yibing: Yes. But this year is very difficult. In previous years, everyone reported the program first, and then the dance teacher compiled the program sequence and lines, and then let everyone have a look. After the party started, we came on the stage again. I didn't know the program sequence until I arrived at the scene this year, and there was no cross talk. From the beginning to the end of the party, the string of Baccarat cooperation, including the string of female hosts. Huang crown foot ball websites are compiled by me on the spot. When I returned to the room after the party, I felt that the brain cells were not enough. I lay in bed for a whole hour and didn't want to do anything.


You can watch more TV


This opinion puts forward that, in order to prevent excessive entertainment and vulgar tendency, and meet the diverse, multi-level and high-grade TV program viewing needs of the general audience, from January 1, 2012, the 34 domestic TV star integrated channels should expand the proportion of news, economy, culture, science and education, children, documentaries and other types of programs; All TV satellite integrated channels should also open an ideological construction column of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and the socialist core value system.


The attitude towards online love need not be too extreme. In fact, in real life, there is no so-called perfect love, only the process of unremitting pursuit for perfect love with their respective sense of responsibility. Those imaginary romances and perfections will become indifferent with the passing of days. True love is based on mutual trust, mutual responsibility and mutual compromise. It can entertain each other in happy times and help each other in painful days. As long as two people can stick to their common sense of responsibility for love, this relationship can last for as long as they can. The persistence of love requires two people to keep pace. The reality is so, and online love is even more so.... True love really exists. The reality is still the network, just a form. However, the network is too virtual, and the good and the bad are mixed, which makes people doubt its reliability. But there is no denying that the network has made many good connections. No matter what form of love is, it needs a sincere heart. Only two real people have the same faith in love. The collision of two souls can bring you the feeling that you must be together.

完整的模拟主持稿件 篇7


1. Thematic discussion: It is not reassuring not to find a tutor. Paid tutoring is becoming more and more popular. Almost all primary and secondary school students have the experience of receiving paid tutoring, which has triggered a strong response from education departments at all levels. The Ministry of Education said that it was firmly opposed to taking advantage of its position to conduct paid tutoring for personal gain. Shandong, Shaanxi, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities have successively prohibited paid tutoring of in-service teachers by means of administrative regulations. This triggered a tit for tat debate. Should the paid tutoring of in-service teachers be prohibited by legislation? (1 minute)

2、自我介绍(1分钟) 自备稿件(3分钟)

2. Self introduction (1 minute) Self prepared manuscript (3 minutes)


3. Assign Section


(1) Literary manuscript


Bless you, Motherland! Through the eyes of history, we can see your tall and powerful body standing immortal


Through the growth rings of years, we see your firm steps and brave progress


Five star red flag, fluttering in the wind, the land of China, singing together, 56 nationalities


Hand in hand to celebrate: "Today is your birthday, my 'motherland!"


(2) News release


Xinhua News Agency news: The preparations for the mass tour of the 60th anniversary of the National Day have been basically completed. The tour team is consolidating and improving the training results. Representatives and performers from all walks of life on the floats are stepping up their final joint training. The background layout of Tian'an-Men Square has been basically completed. The background performance training continues to be optimized. The seasonal evacuation plan is further improved. On October 1, a highly ideological A mass and artistic grand mass tour.

4、即兴评述: 猫猎狗取熊胆向黑熊泼硫酸,近年来虐-待动物事件屡屡发生,而“中国人什么肉都敢吃”也给世人留下了一个糟糕不过的国际形象。这些蔑视动物的行为,似乎不是《动物世界》的传播和宣传所能改变的,于是一部法律就应运而生。今年9月18日中国首部《动物保护-法》(专家建议稿)正式公示征集意见。专家建议在刑法中增设“虐-待动物罪”、“传播虐-待动物影像罪”和“遗弃动物罪”专条,最高可处三年以下有期徒刑。

4. An impromptu comment: cats and dogs take bear bile and pour sulfuric acid on black bears. In recent years, animal abuse and treatment incidents have occurred repeatedly, and "Chinese people dare to eat any meat" has also left a terrible international image for the world. It seems that these behaviors of disdaining animals cannot be changed by the dissemination and publicity of Animal World, so a law came into being. On September 18 this year, China's first Animal Protection Law (draft of expert suggestions) was officially released for comments. Experts suggested that special articles should be added in the criminal law, such as "the crime of maltreating animals", "the crime of spreading images of maltreating animals" and "the crime of abandoning animals", which can be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of up to three years.


Please use this material to talk about abuse - should animals be convicted? (3 minutes)

5、模拟主持: 请以此模拟主持一档有关国庆的栏目(3分钟)

5. Simulation host: please take this as a simulation host for a column on National Day (3 minutes)


6. Please make up a story under the title of "Articles, Songs, Chairs, Drinks, Games, Clothes, Beauty" (3 minutes)


7. Interview (asked by judges and teachers)


8. Talent show

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