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清明节的日记 篇1


"During the Qingming Festival, it rained in succession, and passers-by wanted to die.


Ask where the restaurant is. The shepherd boy points to the Apricot Blossom Village. "


This is an ancient poem written by Du Mu.


Today is Saturday. My mother said early in the morning, "Qingming Festival is coming. It's our Chinese custom to offer sacrifices to ancestors." I said proudly, "Who doesn't know? It seems that you do." My mother was afraid to say a word when I sang together.


Our family came to the front of the ancestral tomb. We first took out the lighters, and then set off a few strings of small firecrackers. At the beginning, I hid in my mother's arms. I didn't even dare to look outside. My mother said, "Don't be afraid, children. Setting off firecrackers is nothing to be afraid of." I used to like setting off firecrackers, but why am I so afraid now? It was all because of a small firecracker. When I was five years old, I found a small firecracker when I was playing again. I let it go, but it exploded too fast. My hand was red with a loud bang. At that time, I cried in pain. My neighbors saw my good nature and told my parents immediately. My parents were so scared that they rushed me to the hospital to bandage the wound, Since then, I have stopped playing firecrackers. After we set off firecrackers, we lit several sticks of incense. I bowed first and said something like my mother. I couldn't hear what my mother was saying, But I said, "I will study hard and go to college in the future, so that I can be good to my parents." I know it's useless for me to just talk and not do this, but to actually act. Finally, my mother took out some food and wine, and he poured the wine into a small teacup, and then poured it on the land in front of the tombstone. On the way home, I said, "Are you not afraid that the weeds beside the tomb are on fire?" "Of course," they said, "but just be careful."


When I got home, my mother took out some "Qingming Fruits" she had made for the first time. She said, "I have never made" Qingming Fruits ", so this time, the" Qingming Fruits "may be a lot worse than the one Grandma made before." I tasted it. I didn't think it was delicious, but I ate it anyway, because I believe my mother will cook it better next time!

清明节日记 篇2


Today is the second day of the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday. I got up in the morning and took a walk in the Martyrs Cemetery with my mother to exercise. Today's weather is particularly sunny. At the gate of the Martyrs' Cemetery, I feel that today's cemetery is particularly clean and tidy. When I look up, I first see the golden statue of Chairman Mao standing there. Behind the statue stands a monument to the great heroes. The monument is about forty or fifty meters high. On the front of the monument is Chairman Mao's inscription: "Sacrifice for the country forever". Behind the monument is Premier Zhou Enlai's words: "The revolutionary martyrs are immortal.". Let people look with awe. Various flowers and wreaths are placed around the statue of Chairman Mao and the Martyrs' Monument. This must be presented on Tomb Sweeping Day. There are also many gravestones of martyrs in the Martyrs Cemetery. They all fought against the enemy for the interests of the country and the people, and died bravely for our happy life today. We will have today's safe and happy life. We should always keep the martyrs in mind. They are our good examples, and we should learn from their selfless dedication.


As a pupil, my main task is to study hard so that I can repay my motherland. Let's work hard to be a useful talent!

清明节日记 篇3


"Shashasha" Listen, it's raining outside the window. The raindrops, like crystal pearls, fall on the window, like drops of tears, on the ground and become puddles. Today is Tomb Sweeping Day, but it is drizzling. I. My brother and my mother sat in my uncle's car and drove to the foot of the mountain. When we got off the bus, we all held umbrellas. Colorful umbrellas look especially dazzling in the dream of rain. The raindrops on the umbrellas are dripping on everyone's body day by day. The hands, shoes and body are full of water, which makes people feel chilly. The mountain road is full of mud, and the surface of each person's shoes is covered with a layer of yellow mud.


When I came to the cemetery, the rain became heavier and the number of people increased. The younger brothers and sisters are also not sensible, so they just squeeze themselves into it so that they can burn paper money. When they squeezed, the rain on the umbrella spilled all over me, and I really became a drowned rat. Finally, it was my turn to burn the paper money. I picked up the paper money and burned it. Before I could burn another paper money, the fire had already been put out by the rain.


I'm angry. My feet are itchy. I really want to kick that pile of burnt paper money.


Down the mountain, I was covered with water, even in my shoes. This Tomb Sweeping Day is short of fun, thoroughfare and the interest of the sun; This Tomb Sweeping Day can only say "Only bad luck!"

清明节的日记 篇4






清明节的日记 篇5


April 4 Sunny Thursday


"During the Tomb Sweeping Day, there was a lot of rain, and people on the road wanted to die. Ask where the restaurant is, and the shepherd boy pointed at the Apricot Blossom Village." I know this poem is about going home to visit the grave. I also went home to visit the tomb on Tomb Sweeping Day this year.


It is a tradition of our Chinese nation to go home and visit tombs on Tomb Sweeping Day. For thousands of years, everyone has chosen a good day to visit the tomb. Why do you want to visit the tomb on Tomb Sweeping Day? Because "before and after the Tomb Sweeping Day, we plant melons and beans." During the Tomb Sweeping Day, it rained frequently, and there were many weeds growing on the ancestral tombs. Therefore, people have to help their ancestors clean up the weeds, so that they can better protect our safety and health in a comfortable environment and achieve their dreams.


Today, with respect and gratitude to my ancestors, I braved the heavy rain with my father and other relatives to pay homage to our ancestors. I first came to Grandma's grave. The adults burned a few big incense sticks and a few small incense sticks. They gave me three grades. We began to worship at your command. I made a wish: I hope my studies will be promoted step by step. I am also very sad: why did my grandmother die so early? I haven't seen you yet. At the thought of this, my tears burst into my eyes


Tomb sweeping is to let our ancestors rest in the best environment and let our ancestors in heaven bless us. Maybe I have grown up. Perhaps I understand the significance of sweeping the graves of our ancestors. Maybe I began to be sensible and learned to be filial and grateful. I also gradually like to visit tombs.

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