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《格列佛游记》读后感 篇1《格列佛游记》读后感 篇2《格列佛游记》读后感 篇3《格列佛游记》读后感 篇4《格列佛游记》读后感 篇5

《格列佛游记》读后感 篇1


When I first saw this book, I thought it was a novel like Robinson Crusoe. When I opened the book and read the preface, I realized that this is a satirical novel full of fairy tale color. But the fairy tale color of the novel is only a superficial and partial feature, and the sharp and profound irony is its soul.


As the saying goes, "Read a hundred times, and its meaning will show itself.". A book can only be read once, and only a general meaning can be known. Only by reading it several times, can you deeply understand the whole content of the book.


In this book, it is about the adventures of the hero Gulliver. In the Lilliputian country, he has become a monster, swallowing dozens of cattle without enough food; In the country of giants, he became a doll of the giants and was played with in the palm of his hand; Later, he came to the mysterious flying island country, where people used the power of the natural magnet at the bottom of the bird and the magnet under the sea to move at will. It is a strange country that can call ghosts to talk at any time and specialize in some research; There is also the Houyhnhnms country, which makes people feel deeply ashamed. In this world with people and horses upside down, there are many incredible stories. As I read, I felt as if I had walked into the fantastic world with Gulliver. I think the most special is the residents of the island country. Their eyes are on one side, and they are a musical instrument loving nation. They also have their own favorite musical instruments on their clothes. The attendants there must always knock the heads of the ministers, or they will always be whimsical


I find this book very interesting and admire Gulliver's brave spirit. He is a man who dares to take risks. I will also dare to take risks and overcome difficulties like him. This book has brought us a lot of inspiration. Books are the ladder of people's progress. Let's read more books and understand the truth!

《格列佛游记》读后感 篇2

我翻开英国作家乔纳森 · 斯威夫特的《格列佛游记》爱不释手的读了起来。这篇小说以辛辣的讽刺与幽默、离奇的想象与夸张,描述了酷爱航海冒险的格列佛,四度周游世界,经历了大大小小惊险而有趣的奇遇。

I opened Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift, an English writer, and couldn't put it down. This novel describes Gulliver, who loves sailing and adventure, and has traveled around the world for four times, and has experienced great and small thrilling and interesting adventures with acrid satire, humor, strange imagination and exaggeration.

游记中小人国、大人国里光怪离奇的故事深深地吸引了我,然而给我印象最深的是, 1710 年格列佛泛舟北美,巧访了荒岛上的慧因国,结识了具有仁慈、诚实和友谊美德的慧因。在慧因国里度过了一段美好的时光,格列佛完全融入这个社会,以致于与暗喻人类的耶胡交往时形成强烈的反差,因为他们总是以怀疑的眼光看待他的诚实,使他感到失落,对人类产生了极度的厌恶。

I was deeply attracted by the strange stories in the country of small and medium-sized people and the country of adults. However, what impressed me most was that Gulliver sailed in North America in 1710, visited the country of Huiyin on a desert island by accident, and met Huiyin with the virtues of kindness, honesty and friendship. He spent a good time in Huiyin. Gulliver was fully integrated into the society, so that he formed a strong contrast with Yahu, a metaphor for human beings, because they always looked at his honesty with suspicion, which made him feel lost and extremely disgusted with human beings.

有一句话,我认为评论得很经典:以夸张渲染时代的生气,藉荒唐痛斥时代的弊端;在厌恨和悲观背后,应是一种苦涩的忧世情怀。 我很羡慕文中的主人公有幸能到慧因国,慧因国是我们所追求和向往的理想境地,在这里你不需顾虑别人说话的真假,而在现实的世界,有着太多我们不愿看到的事情常常发生。

I think it is a classic comment: exaggerate the vitality of the times and denounce the drawbacks of the times through absurdity; Behind hatred and pessimism, there should be a kind of bitter worrisome feelings. I admire that the host in the article was lucky to be in Huiyin Country. Huiyin Country is an ideal place that we pursue and aspire to. You don't need to worry about the truth of others' words here, but in the real world, there are too many things that we don't want to see happen frequently.

读了这本书以后,我渐渐觉得这些书其实很有意思,而且不会看不进去,反而读过几遍之后,越发爱上了这些书。书是人们进步的阶梯,在书的世界遨游是每个人的梦想。打开手中的书,一头扎进去吧,总有一天会发现其中的乐趣。 我期盼着有一天我们的社会也像慧因国,孩子们的眼中不再有疑虑,教育与现实是统一的。我愿为此付出努力,也希望大家与我一道,从自己做起,从现在开始做起,让这个社会多一点真诚、少一点虚伪。

After reading this book, I gradually felt that these books were actually very interesting, and I would not be unable to read them. Instead, after reading them several times, I fell in love with them more and more. Books are the ladder of people's progress. Traveling in the world of books is everyone's dream. Open the book in your hand and plunge into it. You will find the fun one day. I look forward to the day when our society will be like Huiyin, where children will no longer have doubts in their eyes, and education and reality will be unified. I am willing to make efforts to this end, and I hope you can work with me to start from yourself and start from now on, so that this society can be more sincere and less hypocritical.

《格列佛游记》读后感 篇3


During the summer vacation, with the teacher's recommendation, I read Gulliver's Travels, a satirical novel of Jonathan Swift, a British writer, which is full of fairy tale color. The novel describes the adventures of a surgeon named Gulliver at sea. Through the description of social and political life of several countries in the book, it satirizes the living conditions of British society at that time.


Gulliver, the hero, was in danger on the way to the sea, narrowly escaped and came to Lilliput. There he became a giant and invulnerable; The second time, he came to the country of giants again, and was brought home by a farmer up to 20 meters high; There is also the mysterious Flying Island Country and a country composed of rational people called "Houyhnhnms". I was deeply impressed by his different experiences in these islands. One of the most impressive is the "Houyhnhnms Country".


This passage tells that Gulliver was exiled to a strange place - "Houyhnhnms Country" because of the sailors' rebellion. Gulliver escaped from the siege of "Yehu" and met the gentle and friendly Houyhnhnms. They look like horses and have reason. In their countries, there is no evil behavior or even concept of evil. The Houyhnhnms, though devoid of words, talent and morality, little knowledge but not fancy, no lies, and no intrigue, formed a strong contrast with the cruelty and greed of "Yehu". It reflects the insidious and ambitious British rule at that time. This is the author's sketch of an ideal country.


With the development of the story, the ironic spearhead points to the entire European capitalist society. Even today, a hundred years later, the ideological depth of this work has a great inspiration for us and the society, and makes people reflect and review.

《格列佛游记》读后感 篇4


In winter vacation, I read Gulliver's Travels. This book is a close-up of English writer Swift. There are four stories in this book: travels in Lilliput Country, travels in Adult Country, travels in Flying Bird Country and travels in Huima Country.


Among them, I like Lilliput Travel Notes best. This story tells that Gulliver became a doctor on the "Antelope". On the way, a strong storm made the ship hit a reef, and the ship was broken. The crew rowed their lifeboats out of the ship. Suddenly, a strong wind separated Gulliver from his friends. The big waves rushed Gulliver to an island, and into the Lilliput. A series of interesting stories happened.


Gulliver is a brave, kind and generous person. Once, several Lilliputian soldiers guarding Gulliver shot Gulliver with an arrow. One of the arrows hit Gulliver's left eyebrow, almost hitting his left eye. So the officer in charge arrested six culprits and handed them over to Gulliver for punishment. Gulliver caught them all with his left hand, and five of them put them in their coat pockets. As for the sixth, Gulliver pretended to open his mouth to eat him, which made him cry and howl, and the people around him also showed extremely painful expressions. But after a while, Gulliver cut the rope that bound him with a gentle knife, gently put him to the ground, and he ran away. The other Gulliver did the same, taking them out of their pockets one by one. I really admire Gulliver's tolerance towards people. I remember when I was young, my mother once took me to take an electromagnetic car. When I drove to the intersection, several big brothers messed with my car. I was very angry and thought: I will revenge them when I grow up. My mother said, "Don't be too fussy. A man should be broad-minded." I think my mother is right. I want to learn from Gulliver and be generous.


Reading this book is not only interesting, but also let me know to be brave, kind and generous.

《格列佛游记》读后感 篇5


After reading "Gulliver's Travels", I sighed deeply and closed the book reluctantly. I can't calm my thoughts for a long time, and I feel very strange. The ups and downs of the story, the ups and downs of the plot, and a series of questions are like riding lanterns around my mind: one is the country of villains, the other is the country of adults It's amazing.


From time to time, I depicted the local scene in my mind. In the wonderful scene, I seemed to be traveling with Gulliver, suffering with him, and drinking nectar together. Gulliver's perseverance is worth learning from me. How I wish I could go to Lilliput to have a look. If I go there, I will help Lilliput residents build houses. If there are criminals there, I will immediately go to catch them. I believe that with the joint efforts of me and Lilliput residents, their country will become more and more prosperous.


Sometimes I also think about the future. In the future study and life, I hope I can become a giant. Any difficulties are dwarfs in front of me. Before great difficulties, I have to convince myself that I am a dwarf, because I have my favorite teachers, friends, parents and relatives to help me. Life is full of challenges, facing difficulties, competitions and tests


I will rise to the difficulties, never give up, and finally, like Gulliver, I will surmount the difficulties, get out of the difficulties and live the most brilliant life!


Gulliver's Travels not only gave me knowledge, but also let me experience the wonderful world, and also made me understand a profound truth: even if others treat you badly, as long as you don't hurt them, treat them sincerely, and change them with friendly actions, you will be respected by others eventually.

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