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我的同学作文600字 篇1


"The second grader, come here." "Ah? I'm a junior one." My classmate "Xiao Pang" always thought that she was too fat and was recognized as a junior two or three student.


Speaking of the first time we met, I was surprised to say: "This student may have gone to the wrong classroom. This is Class 14, not Class 4, Grade 2." "I did not go wrong. I am a Class 1 student. It is not me who said that you went to the wrong classroom. This is Class 1, not Grade 5." He replied angrily, but his angry look was really cute. His eyes were wide and his eyebrows were twisted, We didn't know what we were mumbling about, so we became friends who always taunted each other.


The true portrayal in the class was not like a normal good friend, but rather like this: "That wretched looking, pig shaped classmate came quickly to collect the geography homework." He sneered, "What did a pupil shout? I'm afraid you don't know. I've finished my geography homework. I'll never see him again. I'm going to send my geography homework." He said that he jumped over the door one step at a time, and after a while, he came back, Seeing that I was still playing in the classroom, he asked, "Why don't you send your geography homework? It's the second class break now. If you don't send it, be careful of the geography teacher." "Guess why I didn't send it to (WWW.. CN)? Don't you feel that your homework is much heavier?" "Well, you guy, I'll swing you to the ground with one punch." But he was too fat. He didn't run far in two steps. After 30+seconds, he was flushed, put his hands on his knees, and shouted, "Don't run if you can." He ran back to the classroom in two or three steps, but when I returned, he was attacking my schoolbag, "You, you fat man" and "I won't knock you down with one punch" and the struggle between us has never stopped for a day.


However, even though he is like that, he is a "knife mouth, bean curd heart" person. I am not good at mathematics, so he took the initiative to help me with my math. He always helps me sort out my study materials, and with his help, mathematics has become better.


Although he always has an expression of "Don't offend me", his heart is always good. If you want to come, I will welcome you!

我的同学作文600字 篇2


I have a sworn enemy, that is Ah Tang of our class. He is against me all day long, and I really believe him.


A Tang's head is the most special. His face is small and his head is big, and his mushroom head looks like a strawberry from the side. It is reasonable to say that he has such a big head that he should be a eugenic. Don't they say big brains are smart? But Ah Tang is not only bad at school, but also very naughty. He is a famous bully in our class. He has two annoying characteristics, one is playful, the other is provocative, which is really annoying!


Once, after a physical education class, A Tang came to me with a sprayer in his hand and asked, "Would you like to see the rain?" In fact, I began to doubt that it would be no good for him to find me. But -- I think that spray can spray foam. It smells fragrant, and Xiao Wang beside me also has it. The alarm in my heart was automatically lifted, and I handed my hand to him. The rain scene should be beautiful! Imagination is beautiful, reality is terrible! "Hiss --" My upper body was wet after the sound. It turned out that he sprayed foam and then filled it with water. I became a drowned rat. This really blew me up! You may ask me to tell him what it means to be "friendly" or "not to base your happiness on the pain of others". Forget it. I won't bother him because I can't catch up with him. Hey, I can't afford it. Can't we hide?


That's not true. He took water to punish me again. When I was cleaning that day, I found a water bag and was having fun. A Tang, who stayed in the hall, came up with a dart, grabbed the water bag and began to play. I was about to speak when he was ready to hit me. "If you dare to smash, those girls will dare to find you!" Because that's Don's best friend. I thought he would be bluffed, but I never thought he would fall to the ground with a smile and look afraid of no one. When I passed by him again, those girls had already left. He said nothing but "bang", and my shoes and socks were wet. That's cool... When I passed my mind, he was gone. Just don't follow his advice.


Although Tang's behavior makes me angry, I can't change him at the thought that he is him and I am me. Let me try my best to be better myself!

我的同学作文500字 篇3


In the huge classroom, a large group of people gathered in a corner. One of the girls was holding a piece of paper. The onlookers scrambled to see the paper in the girl's hand. The girl twisted her body and hid the paper in her schoolbag.


This girl is Chen Shenhao. She is the best writer in our class and also the person who has published the most essays in our class.


In the morning Chinese class, Mr. Wu walked into the classroom with a smile on his face. She stood on the platform, the smile on her face did not weaken at all, but the smile became more brilliant: "There is a good news today, I will not say, you guess first." Hearing Mr. Wu's words, the students began to talk, "Is there any activity organized by the school to let us go out and play?" "Could it be that there is no class today?" "Well, I don't want to be insincere anymore. Congratulations to Chen Shenhao." Miss Wu paused for a moment, and we looked at Chen Shenhao in unison. She also showed curiosity and looked at Miss Wu, "Congratulations on her success in publishing her composition!" With these words, Mr. Wu asked Chen Shenhao to go up and get the happiness report. Chen Shen, who was wearing a big red dress, walked up with a funny face. His big eyes have narrowed into a slit. Chen Shenhao, who returned to his seat, immediately put away his smile and devoted himself to the class


After class, everyone gathered around Chen Shenhao and shouted to see her happy newspaper. Chen Shenhao was not stingy and put the happy newspaper on the table generously. I looked at her brilliant smile and said, "Well, I really envy your writing!" When she heard this, her smile faded a little. "It is my mother and Miss Wu who taught me how to write, and my mother worked hard to help me write an electronic manuscript." "That's great too!" I said. She didn't pay any more attention to me. She just picked up the happy newspaper on the table, twisted her body and hid it in her schoolbag.


This is Chen Shenhao, an excellent but low-key girl.

我的同学作文600字 篇4


In my primary school days, I had many playmates, but my most impressive playmate was my apprentice Wang Zhaoxiang. I am loyal to him, he is loyal to me, I like him, and he likes me.


When did we become friends? We should also start from that time when we selected a teacher for our Chinese class. Mr. Ma selected some students who performed well to stand on the platform, and I was one of them. Another part of the students choose one of the students on the stage to be their master. The number of disciples of the master can be unlimited. Among those of us who can be teachers, I am not very good. I thought there was no candidate, but Wang Zhaoxiang chose me. Since then, we have become inseparable friends.


He is 1.38 meters tall, with a square face, luxuriant hair, a pair of big eyes, a fluent mouth, small legs and hands, and a thin body. It must be because he only eats meat but not vegetables. Although he is so thin and weak, he is one of the best runners and wrist pullers. I can't beat him.


He likes to eat stewed pork, chicken wings, hamburgers, egg tarts, bean paste buns, cola, milk tea, popsicles, mangoes and strawberries. He likes black best, maybe because he thinks black is domineering and conforms to the sign of a man! Coincidentally, I also like black very much. It is true that there must be a teacher and a disciple.


He is the best at mathematics, while Chinese and English are relatively poor. Although I am not very good at maths, my English and Chinese are still very good. The two of us can make up for each other's shortcomings and let our achievements rise together.


He likes to help others very much. Take these things as an example. Once, a classmate accidentally bumped into me and made my head swell. My disciple helped me to the school doctor's room. During the treatment, he also helped me get my cup to drink. When I handed out my homework, he took the initiative to help me. Once in class, my stomach suddenly hurt. I looked for others to borrow paper to go to the toilet, but they ignored me. Only Wang Zhaoxiang gave me all his paper. This is my playmate (apprentice) Wang Zhaoxiang. I hope our friendship can last for a long time.

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