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我最喜欢的名言作文900字 篇1我最喜欢的一句名言作文 篇2我最喜欢的一句名言作文400字 篇3我最喜欢的一句名言作文300字 篇4我最喜欢的一句名言作文300字 篇5我最喜欢的名言作文600字 篇6

我最喜欢的名言作文900字 篇1


There are innumerable maxims at all times and in all countries, but my favorite maxim is "Difficulty, self-confidence and perseverance are three good friends, and no one will be separated, because they are all our way to success."

要问我为什么喜欢这句格言,那还得从我四年级加入校篮球队时说起。起初由于我技术不够好,经常遭到六年级队员的嘲笑,这可惹恼了我。尽管我此后天天晚上都在家附近的篮球场练习,但技术没有长足的进步。我心里十分渴望成为像乔丹一样棒的超级巨星。有一个周五篮球队训练的时候,郭老师把我叫到一边并轻声对我说:“于昌淼,你的技术还不是特别好,而且你还是四年级的学生,从下星期起别再来篮球队了。”我撇了撇嘴答应了,老师一转脸,我的泪水就像断了线的珠子一样流了下来。难道我这样离开我心爱的篮球队吗?老师的话犹如晴天霹雳,我的心情似乎一下子从天堂到了地狱。平常只有五分钟到家的路程显得那么遥远,连天空中的小鸟好像也在讥笑我;路上的行人好像都用鄙夷的眼神看着我。我眼前浮现出妈妈期盼的目光,耳边回响着爸爸对人说起我在篮球队时那自豪的神情,我黯然泪下。边哭边跑回了家,老师刚才的话 www.huzhidao.com 语在我耳边挥之不去……

If you want to ask me why I like this maxim, it must start from when I joined the school basketball team in the fourth grade. At first, because of my poor skills, I was often laughed at by the sixth grade team members, which irritated me. Although I have practiced on the basketball court near my home every night since then, my skills have not made great progress. I am very eager to be a super star like Jordan. One Friday when the basketball team was training, Mr. Guo called me aside and said quietly to me: "Yu Changmiao, your skills are not very good, and you are still a fourth grade student. Don't come back to the basketball team from next week." I said yes with my mouth curled. When the teacher turned his face, my tears flowed down like beads that had broken the thread. Do I leave my beloved basketball team like this? The teacher's words were like a bolt from the blue, and my mood seemed to suddenly go from heaven to hell. The usual five minute journey home seemed so far away, even the birds in the sky seemed to laugh at me; People on the road seem to look at me with disdain. My mother's expectant eyes appeared before my eyes, and my ears echoed my father's proud expression when he told people about my time on the basketball team, and I cried sadly. While crying, he ran home. What the teacher said just now is WWW.HUZHIDAO COM language is lingering in my ears


When I got home, I vomited my bitter water to my mother. My mother laughed and said, "If you really like it, you can continue to go to the basketball team next week." I laughed through tears, wondering how to "revive" in the basketball team. Next week came. When I came to the basketball team with confidence, Mr. Guo and Mr. Guo looked surprised when they saw me. Call me aside and ask, "Do you really like playing basketball?" I nodded firmly. Since then, my name has returned to the register. Whether it is a cold winter night or a hot summer day, you will see me on the basketball court. Later, my autumn has been promoted by leaps and bounds. The teacher asked me to demonstrate to the team members every time. At this time, my vigorous posture was like that of Michael Jordan, attracting cheers from the players. I wondered how they knew how much sweat I had paid behind my back! I believe I am the best!


This spring, my big toe of my right foot suffered from paronychia. In order not to affect the training, I kept practicing without telling my teacher and mother. One day, my mother found my "secret" while washing my feet and immediately took me to the hospital. The doctor looked at it coldly and said, "One third of my nails have to be pulled out..." That's why I still train hard every day. Now I have finally become the captain of the school basketball team, a title worthy of the name. This is the result of my perseverance with confidence in the face of difficulties.


Since then, I have deeply understood the maxim that "difficulties, self-confidence and perseverance are three good friends, and no one will be separated, because they are all our way to success". Because this proverb has opened up the road to success for me, and will certainly guide me to glory in the future!

我最喜欢的一句名言作文 篇2


As the saying goes, "Failure is the mother of success." This famous saying tells us that we can succeed as long as we persist.


My father bought me a bike during the summer vacation. I decided to learn by myself and came to the place where I learned to ride. It was really lively. Some school cars are circling with skilled skills! All of a sudden, most of the tension disappeared. At first, I couldn't figure out the "temper" of a bicycle. It was always tottering. I want it to go left, step on it to the right, and I want it to go right, and it will go left. I almost fell down with a black nose and swollen face.


In this way, I rode for two or three laps and kept encouraging myself to say, "Come on, come on! Look ahead and concentrate!" Slowly I mastered some essentials, which was much better than at the beginning, but I was still very nervous, holding the handle tightly with both hands, and soon I sweated. But I always fell down. Although many people laughed at me, I took it as if I didn't hear it and continued to practice. Suddenly a car rushed up. The speed was very fast. The people in the car were smaller than me and were very proud. It seemed that she was the best in the world. I felt uncomfortable looking at him. So I rushed up and forgot that I could not ride a bike before, but I was ahead of the boy. My cycling level has improved by more than half.


"Failure is the mother of success", which is always buried in my heart, is also my favorite saying.

我最喜欢的一句名言作文400字 篇3


"Reading breaks through thousands of volumes, and writing is like a spirit." Whenever I hear Du Fu's famous saying, I cannot help feeling a thousand emotions.


When I was in the fourth grade, my composition level was average. Once I have composition class, I have a headache. I call composition class "headache class". Every time I have a composition class, I think hard and scrape together. At that time, the scene was really "cross eyebrows cold the other side's grid paper, bow down and bite the broken pen". It was difficult to make up 400 words, but the teacher rated it as good. It doesn't matter to me anymore. Anyway, it's common.


Mother was very worried when she learned about the situation. She said to me earnestly: "Son, you are in the fourth grade. You must write your composition well. If you do this again, you will not be able to keep up with others!" I also realized the seriousness of the problem and went to consult the teacher. The teacher sent me a famous saying: "When you read, you can write like a god."


After returning home, I asked my mother to buy me many books. I began to read with great eagerness. It's really true. My exercises are getting more and more useful. I also searched books with my classmates in class. My mother also found that I had changed into a little bookworm. The teacher praised my rapid progress in my homework. In the composition class, I didn't worry any more. I jumped into the square quietly and quickly, just like "writing like a god". Later, my exercises were also reviewed in the class by the teacher as a model. From time to time, one or two exercises were published in the newspaper. I became a master of my class.


When my classmates asked me the secret of writing a composition, I did not hesitate to say aloud: "Reading breaks ten thousand volumes, writing like a god."

我最喜欢的一句名言作文300字 篇4


On the road of life, there will always be failures, but the lessons from failures are one of the essence of our success.


Once I saw a saying in a book: "Failure is the mother of success". At first, I didn't really understand the meaning of this sentence.


Maybe it is a small sand in your eyes, but it means a lot to me.


It was a sunny Friday. After class, the teacher gave us an interesting assignment: making a wreath. As soon as school was over, I couldn't wait to pick a basket of flowers in the small garden. After returning home, I selected some of the most lovely flowers and strung them with iron wires just wrapped by leaves. When they were ready, I took the wreath, but the flowers fell off one after another. I didn't know why, but I was angry at once and left the wreath aside. At this time, I suddenly remembered a famous saying I saw in the book a few days ago: Failure is the mother of success. My face turned red at once. I went to my desk and began to make the wreath again. This time, I learned the lesson from the last time. First, I strung the flowers with wire and then wrapped them with leaves. The kung fu really pays off! I succeeded.


Failure is the mother of success and the key to success. Don't lose heart when you fail. If you persevere when you fail, the door to success will open for you.

我最喜欢的一句名言作文300字 篇5


I have recited and heard many famous sayings, including those about maternal love, observation and diligence... But what I love most is selflessness.


That is the most common famous saying, which is the most inconspicuous. I saw this famous saying in an advertisement. That time, my classmate had no notebook, so he asked me to borrow it. I thought about it and borrowed it. A few days later, the ink in my pen ran out. I borrowed a pen from that classmate, but he didn't give it to me.


I was very angry. "Give me back the book you used to lend me." He said no. I had to borrow the pen from others, and finally one of my classmates lent it to me. I was very happy. After school, I came home. Opening the book, I couldn't help looking at the famous words column. A famous saying came to my eyes: I will never forget when others help me. Don't remember Hua Luogeng when I help them. I suddenly blushed, thinking of today's event, my heart was like a overturned bottle.


Don't you just keep small things in mind? I went out of the door and looked around. At that time, a little girl was flying a kite, but she could not fly it. I stepped forward and helped her. When the kite was flying in the sky, the little girl looked grateful.


I also understand the truth of this famous saying. If we are helped by others, we should remember. If I help others, we should not take it to heart.

我最喜欢的名言作文600字 篇6


Everyone has a famous saying as his own motto to encourage himself all the time. Some students like: "Nothing is difficult in the world, just for those who want to." Some students like: "Failure is the mother of success." And what I like most is: "Tomorrow is tomorrow, tomorrow is so many. I live to tomorrow, and everything is wasted."


This sentence was said by Wenjia. Many students want to leave today's work for tomorrow. In a twinkling of an eye, "tomorrow" becomes today, and they want to do it tomorrow. As a result, I don't know how many "tomorrows" have passed, and things have piled up in a pile, so I have to work hard at last.


Madame Curie never put a seat in the reception room in order not to delay the visitors' visit. Edison often said to his assistant, "Life is too short. We should think more about ways to do more with less time." This famous saying also helped me to overcome difficulties one after another, among which the summer vacation is still fresh in my memory.


I remember that summer vacation, I signed up for the Cambridge English Test. The exam is divided into oral, listening, reading and writing, so you have to memorize a lot of test materials and English words and sentences. After registration, there are still 20 days before the grade examination.


The first day, my mother woke me up early in the morning to recite the words. I ducked under the quilt and said, "There are still 19 days left! I can recite them for so many days. I will rest today and recite them tomorrow." Mother was angry, pointed to the motto I had pasted on the wall of the room and asked, "Is this famous saying pasted on the wall for decoration?" I was suddenly surprised, "Tomorrow is tomorrow, tomorrow is so many, I live to wait for tomorrow, everything is wasted." Yes, I won't recite it today, but I will have to recite more tomorrow? I quickly got up from the bed, picked up the English book and shook my head.


On the day of the grade examination, I knew all the test questions, so I got the grade examination certificate with no difficulty.


This is my favorite quote, which always inspires me to move forward! I advise students: we must cherish time, cherish every day and night. We should be strong in life and not become slaves of time.

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