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渴望蓝天作文 篇1


I am a bird. The blue sky, forest and insects are all my life. I am free and carefree every day. This day, as usual, I was flying freely in the sky. I was tired of flying. I stopped on the branch to rest for a while. I felt thirsty, so I flew to the nearby brook to drink water.


I was lowering my head to drink water. A big thing covered me. I struggled to see this huge thing clearly, but it was put into a dark bag. I felt scared for the first time in this dark world. After a long time, the bag was opened, and the dazzling sunlight came in. I felt as if I had been released, but I soon realized that the danger had not been relieved, and I was put in an iron cage again.


Everything here is so strange. In front of me stands a human little boy. I understand that he caught me here. I fought desperately, hitting the cage with my wings and head, but all in vain. I don't know how long it took, but the moon crept up to the horizon quietly. Where is this place? Why did he catch me here? Is this the end of my life? I can't sleep with doubts. The iron cage constrains my wings. I can't fly. In the quiet night, the moon and stars accompany me. I am sad in silence and pray quietly.


As night fell again, I decided to make a last effort. I continued to beat the iron cage with my wings, and kept on...... Until I was exhausted.

我渴望蓝天作文 篇2


In my young mind, I treasure many things. I remember many things about my childhood. Almost everything I experienced was under the protection of my parents, and I never left their arms.


Maybe I was too young at that time and was often protected by my parents. I never had the chance to fly to the blue sky. Indeed, I never dared to leave my mother's wings and fly to the blue sky. In spite of this, I still have a beautiful dream. I long for the blue sky and flying alone. I want to say to my mother: "Mom, I have grown up. Please let go of your hands and let me fly alone to the vast blue sky."


Now, I have grown up day by day, my wings have been full. With my mother's consent, I have now left my mother, Qingyuan, my hometown, to study in Guangzhou alone. Just arrived in Guangzhou, I miss my mother very much every day, and I am afraid of new teachers and students, and I am afraid of new environment. I am so strange to everything in the new school. Every night, it's hard for me to fall asleep. Later, with the help of my teacher and my own efforts, I finally overcame my missing for my mother. Every day, I have to face the strange environment and all the difficulties alone. In this process, I finally matured.


I finally flew. Just like the ugly duckling finally turned into a white swan, flapping its wings in my dream world.

渴望蓝天作文 篇3


Dear human friends


How do you do! Seeing this letter, you may ask: Who is the person who wrote this letter? Why did he write this letter? I can tell you that I am a water bird growing up near rivers and lakes and flying in the sky. I am writing to save myself, my family, and your humanity.


According to the elders, a long time ago, our family lived by the blue lake. The sky is blue, the water is clear, there is no smoke in the sky, there is not a piece of garbage in the water, there are willows on the nearby bank, there are many animals, and human beings also live in harmony with us—— At that time, the water birds lived happily.


However, in recent decades, human beings have become crazy: you killed my compatriots, forcing waterfowl to live in the depths of reeds; You have discharged smoke, dust and waste gas into the air for a long time, making the vast majority of our family suffer from respiratory diseases; You also throw rubbish into the lake, which further reduces our living space. The most hateful thing is that you also discharged waste water and toxic substances into the lake, which poisoned a large number of fish, leaving us water birds without food. Some of the same kind drank the polluted water, suffered from various strange diseases, and even caused the deformity of the next generation. In my generation, there are few completely sound and healthy


Under the attack of your humans, we can only migrate. But when I had to fly away, I found that most of my companions were too weak to fly long distances. So I have to appeal to you humans:


I hope you will protect the environment and improve the environment from now on for the sake of all kinds of wild animals and human beings, so as to make the earth appear blue again!


I hope the earth will become more beautiful!


A water bird with incomplete wings



渴望蓝天作文 篇4


Desire for freedom, for flying, for everything. Both humans and birds are eager for these things, but who would have thought that the tragedy is still repeating, and some birds may never return to the free sky!


On this day, my mother and I went to the park for a run in the morning. Suddenly, my eyes were attracted by an old man who wore a morning exercise suit and carried a bird cage in both hands. The birds in the cage kept singing to the sky, as if saying, "I want to go home, let me go!" Grandpa put two birdcages on the tree and went to the morning exercise.


I ran close and looked at the bird. It was very sensitive to human beings. Seeing me coming, I stepped back two steps in fear, and continued to sing in the sky. The bird seemed not interested in food and water, and looked straight at the blue sky and white clouds. The eyes were full of melancholy, which I will never forget. It is the yearning for hometown; The desire for home and freedom; The yearning for my friends and family... a long sound lingered in my ears, never stopping.


This reminds me of the birds flying freely in the sky, how free they are, how happy they are, how...... And how pitiful the birds in the cage are, how sad their eyes are, how pathetic their long songs are, how eager they are for freedom...... They are all birds, but they are very different!


The home of birds is the sky, and the home of human beings is the land. We should also be peaceful and make friends with birds. Don't let them be sad or sad again

渴望蓝天作文 篇5


I am a magpie. My feathers are bright and beautiful. I like the mountain forest in my daily life. Look! Spring is coming. The trees pulled out new branches and grew leaves; The flowers are in full bloom, and no one wants to let anyone; How beautiful the clear brook flows into the distance "ding ding dong dong"! I am very proud of this scene every time I see it. Our life is also very interesting: in the daytime, I took off and played with my friends. When I was too tired, I rested on the trees, and when I was thirsty, I drank at the brook. At night, we listened to Grandpa Magpie's story and saw the beautiful starry sky.


A sign of Grandpa Magpie.


One day, as in the past, we listened to other people's stories at Grandpa Magpie's house. "Grandpa Magpie! Grandpa Magpie! What's the origin of today's name?" I stared and asked eagerly. Grandpa Magpie didn't respond to me. He looked at the starry sky outside. It seemed that there were many intruders in the theme activity under the starry sky. He sighed, waved his hand and said: "Soon, there will be a great disaster in the mountain forest." "Huh?" Everyone was surprised to see Grandpa Magpie say, "What should we do?" "Let's not tell stories today." "All right." Everyone left without interest. He did not leave, but stayed and said to Grandpa Magpie, "Can it be prevented?" "Kid, there is no way to prevent this disaster. When the disaster comes, you need to keep flying south. Remember, never go home." "Good." I fluttered my wings and flew away. What Grandpa Magpie said is true or false? I think about it doubtfully.


The disaster has come.


"Help! Help..." woke me up with a desolate cry. I rubbed my eyes. What happened? I walked to the hole and was shocked. Many people took iron cages and held my companions to push them in. They cried for help and fought for their lives to escape. The blood stained the ground red. It scared me to death! "Child." Grandpa Magpie, who had been caught in an iron cage, said to me, "Remember what you said, hurry... go!" "No! I want to get everyone out!" I woke up with a fright and flew to Grandpa Magpie's side. I fought back tears and pecked at the cage. People on the other side had already found me and stretched out their hands to catch me. "Hurry... go! One... go straight to... south... fly..." Grandpa Magpie was caught after he said something. "No!" I screamed with all my life. Tears had already poured out like mountain spring water. I knew I could not save my companions. I have to fight to fly forward, and there is the southern area in the field! I seem to have grasped a straw and flew away to the field. I look down! Is this still the Jiayuan I know? Most of the flowers and trees in the mountain forest have been cut down; The stream is gray and black, and many wastes float on the surface of the stream; Many processing plants are built near the mountains and forests, and the organic waste gas is covered with blue sky and white clouds


Where is a piece of blue sky and white clouds?


I am flying hazily. I am really tired. I want to find a tree to rest, but the tree has been cut down. Where can I live? I'm thirsty. I want to find a stream to drink water, but the stream is polluted by the environment. Where can I find a clean water resource? I am so lonely. I am flying alone in the sky here. Every bit of my former friends and I have fun is flashing in my eyes. I think I will come back to find Tong'an. Where are you? How are you?


The blue sky and white clouds in the distance.


I kept flying day and night, finally, a green field rushed into front of me. A dense forest near the field appears in my view. Here, spring is full of vitality, birds are crowing here, and here, there are green water and green mountains at last... This time, I shed tears of joy. But who comes to tell me whether the beautiful flowers and birds here will fade away again?

渴望蓝天作文 篇6


A person's heart is weak and incompetent. As long as he has been wronged a little, he will always remember his name in his heart, which can never be erased


People say that older children suffer and younger children enjoy. I really tasted the taste. One day, an uninvited guest came to our house. Since then, my life has completely changed. Every time I do my homework, my cousin takes away my stationery. I wanted to tell my mother, but I didn't expect my sister's villain to tell her that I took her things. My mother listened, Angry, I came and scolded me regardless of right and wrong, then rushed away. At that time, I was crying in the ground all night. Do you know how much I hate you? But you totally ignore my feelings. Do you know that you hurt a child's self-esteem?

还有一回,我拿着我姨妈送给我的玉手链带在手上,这时,表妹也过来了,一把夺过我手中的手链,还把我的大拇指上挖出了血,我见了,也不甘示弱的从表妹手里夺回来,而你刚好洗完衣服,走进房间,看见了我手上拿着妹妹抢的手链,就不分是非的打了我还骂了我,我又再被地里哭了一夜,您又一次伤了我的自尊心,从那以后,我从天堂般的生活跌入地狱,性格也从一个原本活泼可爱的阳光女孩,变成一个沉默不语的“活死人”,· 妈妈啊!你太伤我的自尊心了,我恨你!

Another time, I took the jade bracelet that my aunt gave me in my hand. At this time, my cousin came over and grabbed the bracelet in my hand. She also dug blood out of my thumb. I saw it, and I was unwilling to be outdone. But you just washed your clothes and walked into the room. When you saw the bracelet that my sister grabbed, you hit me and scolded me regardless of whether it was right or wrong. I was crying in the ground again all night, You hurt my self-respect again. Since then, I have fallen from a paradise like life to hell, and my character has changed from a lively and lovely sunshine girl to a silent "living dead person", Mom! You hurt my self-esteem too much. I hate you!

渴望蓝天作文 篇7


A few days ago, our family broke into a very lovely bird.


It was a Saturday afternoon. My mother wore an apron and was busy cooking in the kitchen. My sister and I were leisurely lying on the sofa watching cartoons. Suddenly, her mother shouted, "Zhou Han, Zhou Yan, come and see!" I quickly ran over with my sister in my arms and saw a lovely bird locked in a cage. My mother said, "I put the washed cage on the kitchen balcony to dry it, but the bird rushed in at once and slammed the door shut because of too much force."


I looked at the bird and saw that its whole body was black and only its wings were a little white. The bird's body trembled slightly. The little black bean like eyes looked at us in horror, and its mouth also screamed, as if it was very afraid of our "pet".


Early the next morning, I was awakened by a burst of bird calls. In the confusion, I heard a "flopping" sound. I quickly got out of bed and walked to the bird cage. The scene in front of me made me dumbfounded. I saw a bird flapping its wings in the cage, trying to hit the iron pole of the cage, and many feathers fell off. When it hit the top of the cage, it fell down again with a thud. After a short stay, it struggled to fly into the blue sky and return to its mother.


The bird's spirit of longing for home melted my heart. I couldn't help carrying the cage to the windowsill and opened the cage door. The bird rushed to the embrace of the blue sky, circled in the air for several weeks, and went to find its mother.


I looked at the blue and vast sky in a daze. If we all loved life and worked hard like this bird, how beautiful the world would be!

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