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快乐中秋节作文400字 篇1快乐的一个中秋节作文300字 篇2快乐中秋节作文400字 篇3快乐中秋节作文300字 篇4欢乐的中秋节作文400字 篇5欢乐的中秋节作文400字 篇6快乐中秋节作文300字 篇7

快乐中秋节作文400字 篇1


Tomorrow is the annual Mid Autumn Festival. I was so excited that I didn't sleep well all night.


Early the next morning, my parents and I came to my grandparents' house and saw my brother waiting for me at the gate. So we brought a lot of fireworks and firecrackers and tied them to the guardrail of the stairs. From a distance, they looked like a huge spider web. When they were lit, the fireworks started to sound "crackling". As a result, it looks like a spider's painstaking web has been blown away by the wind. My brother and I played with "torpedoes" again. We threw one after another "torpedoes" into the creek, but unfortunately they didn't explode. There were still the last two, and we still went in, only to hear "Dong" explode. We laughed happily. In the evening, my brother and I put out two "silver fluttering", and the fireworks came out with a "gush", like little stars in the sky, saying "Happy Mid Autumn Festival". We released the "flying squirrel" again, only to hear the "whoosh happy Mid Autumn Festival" and went up to the sky, just like a small mouse, squeaking. After returning to the house, our family sat down together and had a delicious reunion dinner. The whole family raised their glasses to wish each other. The laughter echoed in the beautiful night sky for a long time.


I like the Mid Autumn Festival and the fireworks flying all over the sky, because it brings us endless happiness.

快乐的一个中秋节作文300字 篇2


From ancient times to the present, there are many stories and poems about the moon, such as Su Shi's: "I hope people will live a long time and share the beauty of the moon." And the romantic legend of Chang'e flying to the moon.


Many myths and legends have shaped today's Mid Autumn Festival, which is also called the Reunion Festival because the moon is full on this day, symbolizing reunion.


On the Mid Autumn Festival, people often place moon cakes and fruits in front of the windowsill or in the yard to worship the moon.


The moon has many good names, such as Su E, Gu Rabbit, Chan Juan, etc.


In the vast night sky, a round of white moon is hanging high in the sky, and there are many naughty twinkling stars playing around. In the silent dark night, from time to time, there were several calls of grasshoppers. This scene was so beautiful that I was deeply intoxicated with it.


The moon is like a cup of thick glycol, which can not be said and said.


I would like to walk in the clouds with the bright moon, listen to her talk about romantic ancient legends, and stand in a quiet place to gaze quietly. However, all this turned into soft moonlight on me. This is the blessing of an old friend. Many people are willing to enjoy the Mid Autumn Festival night in the house, but I prefer to listen to the song of the moon in the high balcony or outdoors in the quiet night, feel the "dew point in the middle of the month towards the night", and feel the beauty of the moon.

快乐中秋节作文400字 篇3


The 15th day of the eighth lunar month is the traditional Mid Autumn Festival. The moon was as round as a big jade basin that night. I had a reunion dinner at my grandmother's house and went to the big square in front of the library to look for my classmates, but I couldn't find anyone. The square was very busy. Some families sat in front of the library, opened a folding table, and ate moon cakes with lanterns. Many children were walking around the square with lanterns on, and others were lighting candles with lighters.


I went to the basketball court again. On the way, I finally met several classmates. On the basketball court, I met Li Yuming, Wu Haixuan and other classmates. We lit candles at the square to play, but Uncle Security came to water our candles out. Chen Qianmin brought a beautiful bunny lantern. Many people came to visit. One sister took a picture of the lantern. We also saw someone put Kongming Lantern on. Kongming Lantern made use of the principle of hot air balloon, and the Kongming Lantern flying into the dark sky gave out mysterious and beautiful red light.


Later, we went to the small garden to light candles. The light of each candle was very small, but we lit a lot of candles, so it was very bright. It was late at night and we went home contented.


This is a very happy Mid Autumn night, the Mid Autumn Festival on August 15 of the XX lunar calendar.

快乐中秋节作文300字 篇4


The 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar is a traditional festival in China - the Mid Autumn Festival. The Mid Autumn Festival, also known as the Reunion Festival, symbolizes "happiness, happiness and reunion".


In the morning, after getting up, I knew that today was the Mid Autumn Festival, so I was very excited. Because I can go to Grandma's house and have a reunion dinner with my family in the evening. In the evening, my parents and I were on our way to Grandma's house when we saw the moon hanging in the sky, big and round. It seems that there are two old people living inside, picking cotton. I think today's moon is like a big moon cake. It looks like I want to have a bite.


When we got to Grandma's house, our grandparents from home came to spend the Mid Autumn Festival with us. It was so exciting for us to get together! Grandpa made a large table of delicious food, which is full of color, fragrance and taste at a glance. My whole family got together to have a reunion dinner. It was very happy! After all the dishes were served, Grandma served us today's "final dish" - moon cakes. Grandma said: "The whole family must eat moon cakes together on the Mid Autumn Festival, which represents happiness and reunion!


In this golden season, the farmer uncle saw their rich fruits and smiled happily! The whole family got together to have a delicious reunion dinner and smiled happily! We looked at the moon outside the window, and the moon smiled happily! 350 Words of Happy Mid Autumn Festival Composition

欢乐的中秋节作文400字 篇5


Today is the Mid Autumn Festival. After having lunch at aunt's house, I went with my parents to buy a lot of things, including apples and pears, for the moon to eat.


A golden moon has already hung high in the dark sky. In the dark sky, only the high moon can give out its unique light. My parents and I sat on the balcony together, looking at the beautiful and moving moon can not help but make people relaxed and happy.


Just then, accompanied by a cool wind, a voice came into my ears. It was my sister who asked me to have dinner. I saw everything on the table. It was dazzling. There were fat braised chicken and fragrant braised meat. At the dinner table, adults talked loudly like thunder, so I had to go to my room to watch TV. Before I left, I went to see my birds. I suddenly wanted to teach them how to talk, but no matter what I said, they would only squeak. Finally, my parents and I went home, and the first thing we did when we got home was to take out the things we had bought long ago, including apples, pears, moon cakes, and chicken with delicious smell. We want to; These moons should like to eat.


The Mid Autumn Festival of this year has been very happy. Let's spend a wonderful Mid Autumn Festival together in laughter and laughter!

欢乐的中秋节作文400字 篇6


Being a stranger in a foreign land alone, I miss my relatives every festival.


I grew up in my hometown of Henan. Since I was young, my relatives have always accompanied me, so I can't answer this poem.


The Mid Autumn Festival is a special festival. At this time, my family and I sit in the yard, eat snacks, put tea and moon cakes, and look at the moon. At this time, we also watch big plays.


First of all, we played the game of beating drums and passing flowers. The game is to let one person draw a postscript of Chang'e and Houyi. One person hit the floor, and the other person passed it on. Whoever said that, he would perform a speech about the Mid Autumn Festival. If you can't make a speech, eat a moon cake. But I usually have the final say in every game. Who let me be the inventor of the game!


Then, there was a fairy tale, with stones, scissors, and cloth. The first winner could choose at will, the moon, Tianbing, Hou Yi, Chang'e, and the child. But every time, mother always won. Every time, she chose the moon, grandma as the Tianbing, grandpa also used mops and brooms as weapons, brother as a child, I as Chang'e, and father as Hou Yi. We had a lot of fun.


After eating the Mid Autumn Festival dinner made by my grandma, the night began to fall. I looked up at the sky and saw that the round moon was very bright. The evening wind blows, I am grateful to have such a happy and warm home!


I made a silent wish to the moon. Hurry up to the next Mid Autumn Festival!

快乐中秋节作文300字 篇7


We like the Mid Autumn Festival very much, because it is a traditional happy festival in China. The ancients called him the "Mid Autumn Festival", which was one of the five major festivals in ancient times. Because the ancients often called his name, it became the "Mid Autumn Festival".


The Mid Autumn Festival is a time of reunion. On that day, everyone put down their work and hurried home from all directions to spend this reunion day with their families.


Our family is no exception. After dinner, everyone rushed to the roof to watch the moonlight and eat moon cakes. My father divided the moon cake into eight pieces and said, "The moon is round on August 15, and the family is reunited with eight pieces of moon cake. Eat quickly!" I ate moon cakes and looked at the moon. I felt very happy and warm.


Mid Autumn Festival is a happy festival. After watching the moon, we began to watch the Mid Autumn Festival program. Look, how beautiful the dance on the show is! Grandma couldn't help it, so she jumped up with the TV. Look at that fat body, I laughed. Soon the whole family followed the TV. Hahaha, laughter fills every corner.


The round moon brings us family reunion; The round moon cakes let us taste the real delicious food and sweet words, making us happy. Ah! Happy Mid Autumn Festival, I love you!

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