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国庆节作文 篇1


During the holiday, the teacher asked us to write a composition. I would not read the book. After I finished my homework, I saw a lot of five-star red flags on the light beside the road. I think today is the National Day.


I turned on the TV and saw that the National Day was held in Beijing. In the sea of thousands of people, in the wild dance of gongs and drums, and under the colorful flags, the people broke out from the bottom of their hearts.


Singing comes and goes like waves. Red flags and flowers are made into a beautiful scene, and a huge crowd has marched across Tiananmen Square. Countless people merged into a torrent, just like "the waters of the Yellow River come up from heaven."


"Warm congratulations, warm congratulations..." More than 1000 people wore beautiful clothes during the celebration tour. The flag instrument started, and they stood quietly. There was no noise in the whole playground. "The flag raising ceremony begins!" Under the national anthem, I thought of many past events and the future. The national flag rose slowly. Everyone was excited and I was integrated into the scene.


I think: The teacher cultivates the flowers of the motherland with sweat, isn't he just like a gardener in mood? I will study hard and be an excellent person useful to the motherland in the future.

国庆节作文 篇2


In the spring and autumn of 2020, after years of ups and downs, the whole country is celebrating the National Day again. On both sides of the road, colorful flowers and plants were newly planted, and colorful flags were also planted. The whole city showed a festive atmosphere. The streets are even more crowded. The stalls are full of dazzling commodities from all over the world.


Walking on the street, you will be affected by the surrounding atmosphere. Walking on the street, I saw something that made me dumbfounded: an old lady in a clean clothes [I guess she is about 60 years old!] I'm sweeping away the dust and garbage without fear of cold and heat. Remarkably, a bright red flag was also inserted in her cleaning car. A gust of autumn wind blew, and the little red flag fluttered with the wind. Suddenly, she noticed something, stroked the little red flag with her rough hand, patted it gently, and then went back to work


After a while, I noticed that the wind just blew the dust onto the little red flag. At this time, I felt a cleaner's love for the motherland. Later, the national anthem sounded in my ears, "The five-star red flag flutters in the wind..."


I can't help but stop and indulge in the melodious music. I remember Chairman Mao Zedong standing on the tower of Tiananmen Square in 1949, shouting: "New China is established, new China is established!"


I understand that this not only represents the trend of the motherland, but also shows that our motherland is constantly developing towards prosperity! At this moment, I feel extremely proud and want to shout out loudly: "I am a Chinese, I have a Chinese heart."


My father told me that the reason why we can live a comfortable life now is the result of the joint efforts of people of all ethnic groups. Therefore, there will be rewards if you pay. As long as you are willing to work hard, tomorrow must be bright.

国庆节作文 篇3


My National Day is different, do you want to know? Follow me!


Other children go sightseeing. My sister goes to Heping, my sister goes to Xiamen, and my brother goes to the background... And I do go to class. I'm always short of time. Every afternoon I go to learn Taekwondo and in the morning I go to learn hard pen calligraphy. Some people will say, "Wow! You are really a busy person!" I always silently say in my heart: "Yes! I am a busy person." I sometimes go to play play badminton with my sister from two to three in the afternoon! But how I want to go to my sister and brother to get a place! But I have been to all those places. I hope I can go to the United States to have a long experience. You can't miss class! Sometimes I really think I'm a "little ant", because every time the little ant keeps crawling.


I hope not to have a holiday, because we can also attend classes in this way. Class is helpful to everyone. Come to class quickly!

国庆节作文 篇4


October 1st is a special day. It is our mother's birthday. This year's October 1st is our mother's 70th birthday. I can't help myself!


October 1, 1949, was the day of the birth of the new motherland. At Tian'anmen Gate in Beijing, I seemed to hear Chairman Mao's most exciting words: Today, the People's Republic of China is officially established! Then I seemed to hear the heartfelt cheers of the masses. When the five-star red flag of the founding ceremony rose slowly, millions of compatriots shed moved tears. It is the traditional spirit of our Chinese people to strive for self-improvement and advance bravely in the torrent. China has a long cultural history of 5000 years, showing the world a great image of immortality through thousands of hammers and hundreds of drills!


I still remember that at the grand ceremony of the founding of the People's Republic of China, there were only seven planes at that time. In order to make the grand ceremony look more spectacular, Premier Zhou ordered the first row of planes to fly twice, so that after passing through Tiananmen Gate, the planes would quickly return to the East Gate, next to the group behind, and fly again. Now we are rich and strong, and a great country is rising! When the parade plane passed through the sky. The momentum is like a rainbow, arousing the heart of the Chinese people. The roar of the aircraft represents the power of the country, because our aircraft now need more or less, and we don't have to fly twice! There are really too many hardships and difficulties on the road of national rejuvenation. We are lucky to live in this prosperous age, which is the blessing of our younger generation!


When I saw the reviewed army striding through Tiananmen Square in a neat and rhythmic way, I knew that one minute on the stage, ten years off the stage. Every step, every action and every detail is for the success of this review. How many days and nights, how many rehearsals, how many sweats. At this moment, everyone showed their heroism. Since October 1, 1949, China has undergone historic changes. Time has witnessed history, and the mother of the motherland has been seriously injured. The earthquake in Hanchuan caused the mother of the motherland to lose many children and shed many tears, but we were not knocked down by difficulties. We did not abandon or give up, because we were a family that loved each other!


Our great motherland China! With a long history, magnificent mountains and rivers, the nation of etiquette wishes the motherland a happy 70th anniversary!

国庆节 篇5


Today is October 1, the birthday of my mother, that is, the National Day. My family, my three sisters and several aunts went to travel together.


When I arrived at the tourist destination, I asked my aunt, "Where are we going to play?" Aunt said, "Ocean World." When I arrived at the Ocean World, I saw a variety of animals, such as the five line finch, the double print butterfly, the yellow fox, the moon eyebrow butterfly, the net butterfly, the yellow scad, the baiguandao, the lizard, the chameleon and so on. Moreover, these fish are very rare, and some of them are transported from abroad.


We saw the Mermaid Rescue again. There were beautiful mermaids, brave Altman, the handsome Iron Man and the evil mage. They were fighting fiercely. Later, we saw jellyfish, including inverted jellyfish, bright jellyfish and other jellyfish. I asked my father what color the jellyfish was. My father said that the jellyfish was transparent., It's beautiful.


We went to the Sea Lion Pavilion to watch the sea lion and dolphin performances. At first, five people jumped from a place as high as the fifth floor. It was the turn of the sea lions to perform. The sea lions glided around on the ground. Finally, the dolphins performed. The dolphins jumped out of the water and hit the ball. Others stood on the dolphins and swam around. It was wonderful and funny.


Today I saw so many lovely animals that I really want to see them every day. National Day is really a colorful day!

国庆节作文 篇6


The festive red lanterns show the auspiciousness of China. The red Chinese knot connects the hearts of hundreds of millions of Chinese people. Today is October 1st, the XX birthday of our great motherland. In the morning, we came to the square, where we will celebrate the birthday of the great motherland. On this day, with excitement and joy, we saw that the square was full of five-star red flags. Many people were singing and dancing in the square to celebrate the birthday of the motherland, and we soon joined them.


I asked my father, "Is today the National Day?" "Yes!" Dad said, "Ah! Today's TV news broadcast will show the flag raising ceremony in Beijing. Let's go home and watch it."


When we got home, we turned on the TV and saw the most serious and solemn aspect of the flag raising in Beijing. Today, I found that both adults and children have their own ways of celebrating. For example, father and his friends will eat together and celebrate the National Day with wine. But our children are different. We will draw a picture or write a composition to celebrate the National Day.


After dinner, my parents and I went to the street and bought a lot of fireworks to go home, ready to invite everyone to celebrate the birthday of the great motherland after dark. It was getting dark, and the children I invited also arrived. We came to the small square together, ready to set off fireworks. We saw that many people also bought fireworks. I think they are probably preparing for the birthday of our motherland as we are.


"Everything is ready, light the fireworks!" “OK!” Just after the words, beautiful fireworks burst into the night sky! Looking at the colorful fireworks in the sky, my mood suddenly bloomed like the fireworks in the sky! We played fireworks, and we also prepared a song for today. We will sing a song together to celebrate the birthday of our motherland. We sang "Today is your birthday"


It was very late at night. I felt hungry and wanted to have a barbecue. We came to the barbecue shop and found that all kinds of barbecues tonight were only charged half price. The boss here was originally from Xinjiang. To celebrate the great birthday of the motherland, he only charged half price at this time of year. After the delicious barbecue, we returned to the small square. We bought a Kongming lantern and let it fly, watching it go away gradually

国庆节作文 篇7


National Day is a day when people celebrate the founding of their country. In 1949, Chairman Mao stood on the Tian'anmen Gate tower and announced to the world that "the People's Republic of China and the Central People's Government have been established". Since then, this day has become the birthday celebration of our motherland's mother for all Chinese people. On this day, Tiananmen Square in Beijing, our capital, will hold a grand flag raising ceremony. All over the country, from cities to villages, there are various celebrations, including lion dance, dragon dance, Yangge dance, duet dance, banner banners hanging all over the streets and lanes, and fireworks in some places at night!


In short, on this day, as soon as you turn on the TV, you can see colorful birthday activities celebrating the mother of the motherland all over the country. Under the guidance and influence of my parents, I gradually gained some new understanding of the National Day and fell in love with this solemn and sacred day. I love this beautiful motherland!

国庆节作文 篇8


Busy streets and people coming and going; Bright five-star red flags are hung at the doors of various merchants; On the guardrail in the middle of the express lane, the colorful flowers are neatly placed, which is very beautiful against the originally cold horse. The annual National Day is coming, and there is a lot of traffic.


During the long vacation, I arranged to visit my grandparents living in Huaiyin District. The scenery along the way was very beautiful. A large yellow rice field was swaying in the breeze, and rows of tall trees with yellow and green were passing by us. I felt that time passed quickly. An hour's drive to my grandmother's house was instantaneous. Maybe I was eager to return! From afar, I saw my grandparents standing at the entrance of the village and looking around. When I walked into the house, I saw a table of delicious food waiting for us. Sitting around the table, my parents talked with my grandparents about their daily life and asked them about their health: Is their blood pressure normal? Is the medicine for lowering blood pressure taken on time? Grandparents said, "We are all in good health. Don't worry about us! Eat quickly. The food is cold." My father poured wine for my grandpa. We were happy to eat delicious food. My mother ordered a small fish potstickers in advance. It was really delicious that an inconspicuous cake was dipped in the soup of fish! From time to time, I also toast my grandparents with drinks. Our family is happy and happy.


After dinner, I entwined my father to take my brother and me to catch shrimp. First, we found a small ditch, slowly found lobster holes, put a prepared line with a long clip at the hole, squatted down, held his chin, and slowly looked forward. Time passed by. At this time, my father said, "Look, lobsters are showing up. I immediately got energetic and caught a big lobster with my father. It is red all over.", A pair of closed tongs seemed to have a duel with you. The swinging tail went straight back to the hole behind. Mom smiled and said, "Look, it is afraid you will cook it."


The first day of National Day is beautiful, happy and interesting! I look forward to coming back to Grandma's next time to eat delicious food and catch more lobsters.

国庆节作文 篇9


Today is the National Day. My parents promised us to go hiking together. We jumped three feet high happily and smiled.


We started to tidy up our things: take food, water, and even more fun... Let's go!


I was playing with my mobile phone in the car. After a while, I arrived at the foot of the mountain. I was full of energy. At the beginning, I immediately climbed the mountain. My father said to me, "Climbing so fast, my energy will be consumed sooner or later." I didn't believe my father's words. The faster I climbed, the faster I said to my father, "No, I didn't climb fast, did I?" Gradually, my physical strength was almost exhausted. I said to my father, "Dad, wait for me. I'm tired. Do you wait for me?"


My physical strength slowly recovered. After more than ten minutes, I recovered more than half of my strength. I started to climb again. I was very tired, but I had no choice. I would go to the mountain to see what it was.


You may not know that there are more than 1000 steps in this mountain, so I have to climb very hard. I climbed slowly. Just before I reached the mountain, my father said, "Come on, I've been waiting for you for a long time." I was thinking: I want to climb faster.


But after a while, I went to the mountain. The scenery was really good. There were many trees, including camphor tree, pine tree, apple tree, etc. I saw an apple tree bearing apples. I picked it, bit it, and gave it to my father. I thought the apple was delicious, but my father thought it was not delicious at all. Maybe it was because I had eaten it. I picked another one and gave it to him to eat. Now he said, "This apple is delicious. Where can we pick it? Let's take some home. Then we can think how delicious the apples are here. Don't buy them." I took my father's hand and ran to a tall and burly apple tree. I told him that this tree was very tall and big, not like the one at home. The apple produced was not delicious at all.


I wish you a happy 70th birthday on National Day.

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